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My prescription plan

(I work for a state government) covers ED treatments but only with limitations. They will give me only 4 tablets per month. I am fairly fortunate in that I use Viagra and only need a dose of 25mg so my doc prescribes 100mg tabs and I cut them in quarters. That gives me 16 possible opportunities for sex per month.

My question is: if you have a prescription plan, does it cover these meds and if it does, are there limitations?

My plan covers birth control pills and obviously, women get a full month’s supply. So they can have sex every day of the month if they want to. I feel this is discriminatory against men. Why are they imposing limits on the number of times a month I have sex. Their intent is that I only have sex 4 times per month and if I needed the full 100mg dose, that’s all I would be able to have. I would have no problem if they didn’t cover ED meds if they also didn’t cover birth control pills. Talk about a double standard?

In most women, birth control pills are not for treating a medical ailment (although sometimes they are precribed for medical problems), they are for preventing pregnancy. ED treatments are for a real medical ailment and yet they look at men having sex as an option, and too bad if he can’t, he can live without it.

I am sick of people not taking ED seriously and not treating it as the real medical problem it is and looking at a healthy sex life as something a man can live without. Because of ED I am also being treated for depression. My plan covers all those drugs completely. Ironic, isn’t it?

Anybody else as mad as I am? Anybody have any suggestions?

The worst part is they know the average man won’t sue because of the embarrassment he would feel being thrust into the limelight. I’ve even contacted the American Civil Liberties Union and they told me “ED is not an issue of interest.” If I had a vagina instead of a penis (working or not) they would sure as hell be interested in my concerns. And believe me, I don’t hate women, I love them. I only hate the inequity between men and women in matters like these. I can really understand how women feel when they don’t get paid the same wage as men for the same job.

Hope you are still around.

Can’t understand why no one offered some advice. There are several causes of ED. One is psychological and when you have trouble you can’t get past the first erection because of fear or something close to it.

Have you tried any of the pills and what was the result?

The pills work very well for many when the nerves essential forerections are still functioning very well.

Diabetes can bring ED due to nerve damage and the pills will only work for a while.

Once the nerves go bad then trimix or caverject are the best alternatives. I am 75 and trimix still works like magic giving me a very firm erection that lasts for more than an hour. This works on smooth muscles that controls the blood flow into and out of the penis.

As you do have erections at night, you do not have any leakage problems which are related to damage to the blood supply.

In your society there must be urologists that treat ED. Ask for an appointment after you find out he provides injection therapy. Stabbing yourself with a syringe will be easy after you see the sample erection he gives you. The side of the penis is not as tender as you expect.

I also receive testosterone replacement therapy as my T levels were down when I turned 60 and had only one functioning testicle. This was 1991 before pills for ED. The 20 75 mg hormone pellets were installed under the skin on my back hip below my belt and last for 4 months, now i can order in (canadian pharmacy), I immediately felt better and had more stamina and mental agility. There was a temporary improvement in erections which faded back to my normal ED problem after the T level stabilized at the new high level. I thought I would get that back with the next set of pellets but was told it is due to a surge of T or a ramping up of the T level and goes away after a few weeks. Do not expect your ED to be cured, but in your case your problem could be low T levels.

It is tough to find an endocrinologist that treats andropause. They are scarce. My doctor, Dr. Gambrell died in June and his partner, Dr. Natrajan, in Augusta GA will take me as his patient.


My urologist prescribed viagra for me on a medical problem. He also gave me some samples which I just noticed that they are out of date, does viagra have a short/long shelf life?

I had a radical prostatectomy (open) in October 2007

I finally started injections today. 2 mcg of protaglandin-E (Caverject / alprostadil / Edex ) was enough for 45 minutes of “serious” erection, which was fully down in 2 hours. After 11 months of floppiness, it felt “great”. I used a BD “UltraFine” needle, 30 gauge, 8mm (5/16″) long — no pain.

I was slightly sore, and I don’t know if it was from the drug, or the erection itself. I’ll work with my doctor on that — she knows what she’s doing. The current rehab plan is:

. . even days — 100 mg Viagra (no response, yet)

. . odd days — injection

Thanks to all the list members who have helped me along. The online community has been invaluable to me over the past year.

Are there lymph glands in the penis???

I do not have a discharge, and does not appear to be an infection. This morning it looked a lot better, so of course we made love. Now tonight it looks so horrible.  A little clarification. I wrote we had a lot of sex. Actually we tried to have sex once, the rest of the time we both just  helped each other have orgasms. I have not been to a Dr. as I am out of the country. I will be back in the states late Monday night.

If things are not cleared up, to be sure I will make a bee line to an emergency center from the airport.

I really understand your

concern with your problem, but I would sincerely advise against any more self-medication. Try to stay calm until you see your doctor – we are capable of imaging the most catastrophic things that turn out to be simple. I’ve been there, done that.

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Much to your surprise testosterone is the libido hormone

which maintains interest and not erections as we get older.

The pills like tadalafil 20mg, sildenafil 10mg help the nerves essential for erections and work for many but unreliably for many. When the nerves get really bad, the pills will not work anymore.

Diabetics have this problem early in life and go to a doctor and find out they have sugar problems.

When the pills will not work anymore, injection therapy like caverject and TRIMIX (which I like best) comes to the rescue. It is tough to get you husband to consider stabing his penis but when he gets a sample injection to see what happens he will be amazed. Most of us find it a small problem to inject for these results. The erection will be like when a teen and lasts for more than a couple of hours typically.

It is tough to find a uro that provides TRIMIX but it is worth the search. Started RIMIX in 1992 and at 76 my success is still the same. I can hang a towel on it.

I also receive TRT as it helps with aging, libido and stamina. The TRT will give a temporary improvement in erection problems but when the T level gets stable, ED returns.

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High cholesterol foods should not cause your feet

and ankles to swell. If your genitals (penis and scrotum) are swelling (and “actually leaking fluid”), you may well have heart and/or kidney failure. Are you short of breath? You need to see a physician. Sodium (as in salt) can cause you to retain fluids, but edema (especially anywhere other than your ankles) is a sign warranting a prompt visit to a competent medical doctor.

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I actually had what I believed

to be a respectable woody going on,  and thought I would go for it!!! So, along with a little petro gel in gel form, tried to force it in. Of course she was really tight, and it wouldnt go. Two or three attempts were made. Is it possible I ruptured the inner chambers that usually fill with blood and give a erection???

Is it possible to have an infection with out drainage or pain in urination??? Is there an infection that is charateristic of a swollen unit???

I am not due to the states until Monday Night, late. At this point I do not care how I fix it, and in desperation bought some 2nd or third generation Amoxicyllin.
I am not likely to leave the states again, is to scary!!!

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Did you ever find out if the cathader was partly the cause of your ED?

Thats how it started with me, I was loosing it during fore play. Do the meds work for you?
When I had kidney trouble last year, the dr had to place a stent in the urethrea, and with the bladder scopes, I have experienced some really awful pain with these procedures. I think that is one of my biggest problems is pain, I have chronic pain which never ends 24/7.

I’m 48 and have trouble keeping it up

When I first start it gets hard but start to lose it while we are having floor play. The Doc put me on ED meds. But I did not have this trouble till I had a cathader when I was in the hospital, and had a blood clot go into my lung. Now that I have no galblader and the rest of the above I have been having trouble and with sex drive just not as storng as it was before.

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